To continue with the question of what does it looks like to treat men like men.

We are called upon to pray for the will of God. Yet the only prayer option that is being called for concerning Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani is his deliverance from his circumstances. Even to the point of demanding from our government they some how expedite his release.

If we were to treat Pastor Nadarkhani as a man. We would believe he prayed and decided to follow the Spirit of God to make his stand. That our brother is in Gods will in this moment. That his decision is an act of love for the Iranian people. His friends. There is no greater love, that a man gives his life for a friend.

The paradox Nadarkhani portrays is that nothing in the experience of modern Islam compares to this love. The closes thing Islam has is terrorism. Terrorism is about maximizing the number of infidels deaths in exchange for your own. Not the same thing.

In earnest we desire his release and will pray for it. But it doesn't stop there. It must not stop there. If we are to treat Nadarkhani as a man, we will pray for his continual courage. We will pray for the strengthening of his faith. Pray that in those hours he feels God has forsaken him; like Christ, he will come to recognize it as a lie from the pit of hell. Understand and experience the faithfulness of God to him, his wife, his children. That in those solitary times of doubt, the Comforter be manifest in a real, palpable way. We would even pray that ministering angels be made available to him.

If we are to treat Nadarkani as a man. We will assist in the care of his widow and his fatherless children. We will pray for clarity as to our roll in this.

Its not always easy to treat a man like a man. Sometimes it breaks our hearts.

Be of good courage.

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