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Confessions Of A Rouge Heretic #7

       On that day when God sounds a lot like my mother.

      A co worker started talking to me about sexual sin. He relayed his story to me. He was raised Catholic. Married 30 + years. Divorced after his wife carried on a five year affair. Worked hard all his life for a measure of financial security, only to see it disappear in the settlement. Heart broken over the betrayal and lonely, he would like to be in love again, be married again. Yet fear of going through all…


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Confessions Of A Rouge Heretic #6

     It was during the fellowship time between Sunday School and our worship service,  When I heard it. An older saints lamentations of how the church is 1 generation from extinction. He spoke of how his grand daughter was being raised. For a 3rd or 4th generation CHOG I understand the angst.


    I wondered how my brother had come to this place in his life. As I read the Gospels I wondered how a faith so full of good news, so full of hope , life and optimism could become so…


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Confession of a Rouge Heretic #5

   I recently returned to a question I thought I laid to rest some time ago. Why Faith? In my time of prayer and meditation I found my heart drawn to the creation story. Reading it a fresh, let us create man in our image and likeness.

   Could this be the preverbal, the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree?  When we live by faith we more look like; act like, a child of God. Because God believes in us? This challenges our image of God. God believes in me because He does not require…


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Confessions of a Rouge Heretic #4

   It is so important to remember for our selfs. It is important, living in a culture that is all too happy to rewrite history or interpret our stories for us. I remember Rev. Donna Rothenberger, relax she was not called home to glory. I remember when she became our associate Pastor here in Mesa Az. She went on to be on staff  at the largest congregation in our area. She now is a a senior Pastor in Cal.. 

   The reason I bring Donna up is because of a Face…


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Confessions of a Rogue Heretic #3

   If the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, is the love of Holiness the root of all kinds of self righteousness? This is one of those question that once you have answered for yourself, you need to ask your Heavenly Father His opinion.

        Be well be of good courage


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Confessions of a Rogue Heretic #1

      I must confess a confusion about the mind set of modern-day christian pharisees. Who ; for the sake of well intended goals, will missappropreate scripture to create a new law. Even add to scripture just to create another burden on the rest of us, who would simply want to follow Jesus and pursue our Heavenly Father. They must really want what they want.

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Out of the Mouth of Babes

Dr. Duncan your such a babe. No I don't have the hots for you. Yesterday at the Global Gathering, Dr Duncan gave a report on the work being done on developing resources for the teaching and implementing reconciliation.  Reconciliation for the races, our movement, congregations, marriages and families.

Dr. Duncan is not naive, nor is he without wisdom or skill. However he doesn't  know the impact his opening comments had on my heart. "In order for reconciliation…


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A Real Challenge

   This is the weekend of the Phoenix Comicon. Last night I went to the Will Wheaton Panel. Mister Wheaton you may recall in "Stand Bye Me", "Star Trek the Next Generation" and other movie and television shows. What brings Wheaton to the forefront is his definition of geek. What makes you a geek is how hard you love what you love. 

    To give your heart wholly, fearlessly, recklessly and without apology. I wonder why these geeks invest so much of themselves in these things. It became…


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No Redemption For My Savior

    This last Sunday a representative from Jews for Jesus shared the imagery, the symbolism of the Seder meal. There are four cups of wine. The third cup is used with the breaking of the bread. The breaking of the bread that Jesus performed back when. This third cup of wine is called the cup of redemption. It occurred to me that this is the the same cup Jesus passed to his disciples, yet refused to partake of. 

    Since childhood Jesus celebrated the Passover. Two years he…


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Point Of Departure

   I was  slowly awakening one Saturday by a question remembered. A question made by my brother Steve, several years earlier among our band of brothers. A question formed out of observations of life and scripture.

  "I'm not sure why, but faith is important to God"? It is interesting that scripture doesn't answer this why question,

  As the dawn of the new day forced the retreating dream state of my mind, I remembered Eves story in Genesis. Much has been written…


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As we continue asking the question what does it look like to treat men like men?

There is this notion out there, that God is some kind of ego maniac. That this creation is for the sole purpose of God saying look at what I can do and you best know it and demands we worship Him.

As I read scripture, pray and meditate on it, an…


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Justice for All

There is a confusion about justice in the church. Our use of the word has been flavored by our current language, our experiences, our perspectives and our culture. As a result of the world creeping into the church we have become blind to how we misrepresent God to the world with this word.…


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Continuing with the question, What does it look like to treat men like men?


About 2005 Promise Keepers was promoting accountability. In men,s groups across the country somewhere or some time the words were spoken. The plea was voiced. What is said here, stays here. In relieve men nodded agreement.

As I tried to tickle this apart to express the notion that we are called to trust because in doing so, we reflect the image we…


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To continue with the question of what does it looks like to treat men like men.

We are called upon to pray for the will of God. Yet the only prayer option that is being called for concerning Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani is his deliverance from his circumstances. Even to the point of demanding from our government they some how expedite his release.…


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Continuing with the question What does it look like to treat men like men.

I was on another Christian website when the last presidential election was in full swing. A host of new names showed up with the intent to marshal the church to the causes of the religious right. I say this because the democrats have never attacked themselves as a strategy to win an…


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Man 2

My last blog Man raised the question of treating people like adults. It is a part of the question of what is it like to treat a man like a man?

So what does it look like to treat a man like a man?

It was a Sat. morning about seven years ago. It was to be a sad morning. Five men were disappointed that no other men showed for the men's breakfast. The talk soon…


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This morning as our BOB gathered for our Wild Rock Cafe, I shared how tightly I got wrapped around the axle Friday. After being released from the hospital I was given a prescription just in case. I never took it, I never needed it. Last Mon. my cardiologist prescribed a new drug. Later I got a call from the pharmacist stating that these two drugs in combination could be fatal. OK, I don't take the one, or ever had. Now knowing this I'll be sure not to risk the…


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Behind the Hymn

One of my favorite Christmas Hymn is "I heard The Bells On Christmas Morn". Every so often I am drawn to revisit the origins of this Hymn. A time to allow the story; of what Longfellow went through, touch  me once more. Allow the testimony of his faith in scripting "Christmas Bells" inspire me again. To meditate on the declaration of God, that He is not at war with His creation. Even if there are those that would war with God.…


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Merry Thanksgiving

There is an equation that falsely equates the if your not this you must be that. Holiness too often has come to be equated as doing the opposite of the world. Instead of doing some things as the world for Holy reasons. The world becomes an odd standard as opposed to God being the standard.


There seems to be a false humility that has crept into the faith. It looks like the struggle against…


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Catch The Wind

For about a year now; in my times of meditation and prayer, I found myself entering worship with an unusual song. In the sixties Donovan's “Catch the Wind” made it to the radio charts.


I have often written that without fear, courage can not be expressed or that without doubt, faith can not be expressed. I suppose this is why this song resonates in my heart. We so often think that doubt is…


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